SuperScots. Superheroes and Scottish Identity

Captain America, Union Jack and Captain Britain were the comic book characters created as the embodiement of national valuse and identity. Superheroes, their adventures and history, were the reflection of the actual state of national pride and strenght. Superheroes of scottish origins were rarely depicted in comic books. Scots lacked a national comic book superhero. It is quite surprising taking into acount that such profound comic book writers as Grant Morrison or Mark Millar are Scots. Recenlty Scottish superheroes seem to appear in the world of mainstream comic books. The aim of this paper is to present these characters and their importance for the Scottish identity as the nation with the prospect of independence.

Konferencja: Scotland in Europe II

Miejsce i czas: Kazimierz Dolny, 15-17 października 2014.

Organizatorzy: Instytut Anglistyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

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